WomenCraft is a community-driven social enterprise operating from Ngara, Tanzania.


Our mission is to increase economic opportunity in the post-conflict, tri-border area of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania by bringing rural women together, facilitating their growth and connecting their artistry to the global marketplace. Through WomenCraft, over 300 artisans advance themselves, raise stronger families, stimulate their communities and inspire the world around them.

WomenCraft's history began in 2007 as an implementing partner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to generate income opportunities for refugees fleeing instability and violence in neighbouring Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ever since, WomenCraft has followed a peace-centered approach, connecting women from these countries through the enterprise, working together as one business, with one common goal. These relationships have reduced tensions between former refugees and refugee-hosting communities and have built unity in a region marred by conflict.

​Our business model and product line are based on many years of experience of working in the global artisan sector and constant monitoring of market trends. We design, produce, market, and deliver high-quality, handmade fair trade home decor products that are functional and beautiful.

Artisans are the driving force behind WomenCraft and the ultimate reason it exists. As artisan leaders gain skills, knowledge and economic independence, they assume greater levels of responsibility in the enterprise.

Msasani Road, Plot 50
at Make it Matter

Oysterbay, Dar es Salam

Global Sales Contact: Kara

+1 773 412 93 82

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