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MADE51 is a global brand of artisanal products, crafted by refugees, brought to life by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. As an official MADE51 partner, WomenCraft collaborates directly with refugee artisans to develop and produce a unique line within the MADE51 collection. Our MADE51 line is produced by refugee artisans from Burundi.


Until 2019, WomenCraft worked with Burundian refugees living in Mtendeli refugee camp. Due to changing government regulations in Tanzania, we lost access to the camp and shifted our focus to working with "returnees" – refugees returning back to Burundi after having spent several years living in refugee camps in Tanzania. In doing so, WomenCraft gives these artisans the opportunity to continue their livelihood and earning fair income, so they can re-establish their lives upon their return to Burundi.


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